Temondis and its partner offer a specific spectrum of telemedicine solutions and applications focusing on specific segments of Tele*.*


What are telemedicine solutions? Why telemedicine solutions?

  • More than just installation of technology, hardware or software components.
  • Modules, systems, devices and applications from partners or 3rd party suppliers, which are benchmarked, proven and already got a successful “proof of concept” – from technological as well as from medical and economical perspective.
  • These parts would be integrated into a holistic care service approach to create synergies and a highly competitive value chain for its users and stakeholders.


Our philosophy:

Technology is just the enabler – but not the “ultima ratio” – neither for the establishment of qualitative telemedicine or telecare services nor for successfully business models.

From TeleMonitoring and TeleCare solutions for patient oriented care service pathways to nurse or physician-focussed TeleEmergency or TeleClinic solutions – Temondis as solution provider, project coordinator to 3rd party supplier and responsible general implementation manager generates medical and economical value for its customers.

Based on that, one aim of Temondis is to enable existing healthcare service providers to also become telemedicine providers (providing consulting as well as implementation management and service support by Temondis until the telemedical service is in place and in operation) and to benefit from this new business segment and huge business potentials.


Some exemplarily benefits of our solutions for certain segments and providers:

  • Telecare & telemonitoring services as well as tele Disease Management Programs (DMPs) and services for chronical diseases (Diabetes, CHF/CHI, COPD, Obesity)
  • Elderly care services & nursing home services using
    eCare & telecare technologies and workflows
  • Telemonitoring solutions to support remote regions;
    e.g. telecare cases for visiting nurses or “gathering points”
  • Added value for Medical Tourism and cross border Healthcare services (e.g. pre & post OP) and for Hospital Discharge Management
  • Enhancing & optimizing care cycles in Medical Tourism
    by using eCare and telemonitoring services