About us

Telemedicine, Telecare and eHealth – just words, or pure products – or far more than that: a revolutionary paradigm change…?

Tele*.* it definitely is not only a question of technology, IT, medical devices and health relates issues.

For the relevant stakeholder in these segments, may it be private players, healthcare provider, public or governmental institutions, it is more than that is a question of designing the right approaches and business models to benefit from.

A lot of projects were started and finished in the last decade, hundreds of scientific analysis, market researches and studies are worked out.

Technology is existing, health and care markets are existing as well as the relevant stakeholders. But what is missing?

One essential and very critical issue concerning process chain, information quality and transparency and – at the end of the day – is the level of quality in medical care as well as the efficiency from the economic and monetary view.

To achieve exactly these goals for its partners and customers exactly is the focus of Temondis’s business: „Transforming telemedicine into business!“