Added Value Services

As an ideal complement to our consulting and management services Temondis offers a specific range of services with sustainable added-value-effects for our customers:


Benchmarking & Customizing

Temondis permanently screens current market offers and trends in the tele*.* segment and evaluates potential partnerships with key industry players in several regions. Our clients can highly benefit from a powerful organization, sustainable partnerships, R&D resources and highly sophisticated product solutions.

That also includes localization and customization of products, solutions and applications needed for your country respectively your healthcare system and your specific strategy.


Training services

A full range of outreach training services are available from technical trainings, coachings in providing tele*.* services and driving this solutions, medical oriented sessions, etc.

Training topics could be

  • how to use the equipment  to assisting nurses and physicians/clinicians
  • how to centrally manage patient monitoring systems at telecare center
  • how to aquire and bind patients / consumer for using tele*.* services
  • how to set up an internal “train the trainer” concept on-site at customers


Medical coaching services

Supported and backed by a strong network of medical experts in the international tele*.* segments, Temondis is proud to offer special medical coaching, trainings and workshops in the tele*.* field, especially:

  • Telemonitoring and telecare services in the cardiological field
  • eDMP – Disease Management Programs supported/enabled by eHealth solutions
  • Emergency Care Support via Telemedicine
  • AAL – Ambient Assisted Living services with medical impacts
  • Telemedical Consiliar network and 2nd opinion services
  • Medical and nursing services via telemedicine in remote regions


Coming from the medical perspective, these sessions have the aim to turn into the business perspective to create business potentials and approaches for use cases depending of the individual customer we talk with and considering his stakeholder and (health)market framework.