Management Support

Beside consultation and business development services Temondis is also your partner of choice for management support, may it be as

  • project and implementation management
  • interim management
  • (re)engineering support


This on-site implementation and project management is executed with practical approach and support on-site and not with theoretical advises “from desk”.

One focus and core aim of our work is to support and co-manage your operations in the tele*.* arena especially during the phases of implementation and post implementation as well as in the market and rollout phase.

The Temondis teams are introduced to a project at the pre-planning stage to oversee the entire implementation process from pre-sale to go live. All tele*.* solutions, modules and service installations are project managed and we offer a full ‘hand holding’ service to you as our customer or partner. This operative management support also could be to write up processes, procedures, manuals and help screens all of which are essential in ensuring the success of a project.

The projects especially in the medical and tele*.* sector invariably require that the momentum continues after the initial ‘push’. This is especially important where there are multiple factors and stakeholder related to the service model and involved in the process chain, e.g. hospitals, practices, pharmacies or individual patients disbursed over a large area. Thus we offer with our post-implementation support with several stages and levels to maintain and enhance the solutions and services provided from our customer within the scope of the specific tele*.* service model.