Strategy Consulting

Working closely with you as customer and the essential stakeholders, Temondis and its consultant and expert network creates strategy consultation and strategic business planning for starting, enhancing and monetarizing your tele.* business and your large scale tele.* projects.


Our approaches & modules:

Modules in this strategy consulting approach could be:

    • Transfer of market & concept know how
    • Analysis & benchmarking
    • Best practice approaches (international view)
    • Biz-Case modelling…

… with integration into existing healthcare systems by creation of
- added value services and value chains
- strategy and product/service definition
- stakeholder and partner management
- payment and reimbursement management
- pathway and process definition as well as roles, rules and rights definition

Temondis does also consult and support you or your partners regarding
- Integration of your tele.* services into existing healthcare systems
- Creation of added value services and value chains
- Biz-case modelling with industry and medical providers


Our customers & segments:

Within this scope a broad spectrum of parties could benefit from our consulting approach:

- Hospitals and Healthcare Provider
- Physicians, surgeries and pharmacies
- Doc networks & managed care cluster organisations
- Sports & Fitness Provider
- Rehabilitation Provider
- Elderly Care & Nursing careMotiv Consulting
- Health Tourism Industry
- Insurances (private, public) and 3rd party payer
- Patients, consumers and end-user communities
- Public and institutional sectors, health funds
- Governmental bodies (e.g. MoH), municipalities
- Assistance companies
- Industrial parties (e.g. from medical, pharmaceutical, TelCo and IT segments)
- Emergency Care Provider
- Special forces from public, military and private segments