About us

Mission Statement & Core Values

Our vision:

  • We support to create your (new) telemedicine services.
  • We transform and enhance operate your (existing) telemedicine business.
  • We optimize your telemedicine and eHealth infrastructure.

Our mission:

  • As a leading and experienced company in consulting and solution provision in the telemedicine arena we are your trusted partner with a focus on telemonitoring services and solutions.
  • Our expertise also comprises consultation and management services for telemedicine business strategy, business deleopment and interim management.
  • Our customers and partners can rely on our flexibility, our high quality standards and the high personal responsibility of our experts.
  • Telemedicine requires innovation and efficiency, taking into account all aspects of security. We deploy and manage telemedicine services with the consideration of international standards.

Our core values:

  • Security: Telemedicine requires the highest safety standards for patients, users, partners and customers. Privacy and data security are of paramount importance.
  • Innovation: Sustainable value creation for our customers and partners can be achieved only through agile and innovative services and products which are reliable and are inline with our ambitious quality standards.
  •  Flexibility: New ideas cannot be planned, we stay flexible to react on new ideas. Our international team is experienced, competent and highly motivated.


Temondis: Transforming telemedicine into business!