About us


As a partner of DLR – German Aerospace Center – with almost 6000 employees and 39 institutes Temondis has started its successful global market entry in 2008 in the fields of consultation of international health care provider, private and governmental organizations focusing on optimizing care pathways between the stakeholders and increasing value and quality of patient centric pathways.

Temondis is international oriented solution provider, consulting and implementation partner in the fields of telemedicine and eHealth. Temondis’ core team has gained more than 10 years market expertise in Telemedicine projects and programs all over Europe. Additionally to that Temondis benefits from the expertise of telematics and eHealth partnerships and network-relations to strong private, institutional and research companies and organizations in Germany and central Europe.

Thus our objective now is to internationalize and enhance our telemedicine business targeting other regions and health systems in the world.


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